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In a white room – powder room by David Ruff

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Custom Corian powder room

In a white room – powder room by David Ruff


Older apartment buildings have plenty of character, but the interiors often need to be updated for modern living.

The owners of one such apartment chose to add a new powder room to the interior during their major renovation project. And, as interior designer David Ruff points out, they also took the opportunity to do something a little playful.

"A powder room stands alone, so you can think further outside the square," he says. "The owners of this apartment were very open to ideas and prepared to do something different. They wanted to add an element of fun – to surprise their guests."

Ruff's solution was to wrap the entire room in custom-designed Glacier White Corian panels imprinted with a pattern inspired by traditional Hindu tile patterns.

"Because the powder room measures just 1.5m x 1.8m, we attenuated the pattern so that it is slightly larger at the bottom of the wall and reduces in size towards the top. This increases the perceived height of the space. We also designed the panels so that the pattern is continuous right around the room. It even clads the back of the door so that when it is closed, the door is perfectly blind on the inside."


Ruff says the continuity extends to the Corian on the front of the vanity and a small drawer unit opposite.

"These items flatten visually when you look at them front on, because the pattern is aligned with the wall behind. The mirror is also set in a recess, so it is flush with the wall."

The designer says each panel was designed using CAD software, and a digital file sent to the fabricator. The Corian was then precision cut using a computerised milling system.

First published date: 22 July 2013

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