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Hygienic, smooth-gliding undercounter rubbish bins from Hideaway Bins

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Compact Hideaway Bin slides out of sight for convenient office rubbish disposal with extended runners and sealed liners

Hygienic, smooth-gliding undercounter rubbish bins from Hideaway Bins


No matter what the size of an office fit-out, the most effective rubbish or storage solution is the one that's easiest to implement.

As habits in the workplace change and offices edge towards a paperless environment, there is less requirement for the individual desk filing drawer. Installing a Hideaway Bin in this redundant space offers a practical advantage and eliminates the need for a bin taking up valuable leg space under the desk, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen.

"Hideaway Bins are designed with strong, durable materials that are robust enough to meet the demands of commercial use but also remain very easy to clean. The zinc-treated steel framework is powdercoated for durability and the quality ball bearing runners hold up to 40kg. These over extend, allowing for easy removal of the bucket."

The buckets are made from a recyclable, food-grade polypropylene plastic. The 15-litre bucket is sized to take a standard supermarket shopping bag comfortably as a liner and includes a liner holder that is designed to hold the bag neatly in place.

"The Compact Hideaway Bin is particularly well suited to the office environment," says Bertelsen. "As the name suggests, this range is compact in design, making it ideal for areas with limited space. The unit top mounts to a shelf in the desk drawer and extends out towards the user, making the bin ergonomic and highly practical for day-to-day use. <>


"The versatile bin remains discreetly hidden from sight when the unit closes, so it complements the minimalistic design of the office environment."

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First published date: 08 December 2014

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