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In a large household, the laundry room is often morethan just a place where clothing is cleaned


Running a large house successfully, like managing a business, requires good organizational skills. In a large home, one of the nerve centers may well be the laundry room.

The 10,000 sq ft home featured here is run from the laundry room. This space links the garages to the kitchen, so family members coming and going generally pass through it.

Architect Jan Gleysteen says because this laundry room is such an important space, he has made it larger than the average.

"Because the room is used quite frequently during the day, we have put a lot of thought into decorating it. As well as being functional, it had to have character, so it would be a welcoming and attractive place in which to spend time. We tried to avoid a strictly utilitarian flavor," he says.

On the functional side are the cubbyholes, cupboards, a porcelain butler's sink, a pull-down ironing board and plenty of counter space.


To add character, the décor is similar to the rest of the house, with muted tones for cabinetry, walls, architraves and other detailing. Tumbled marble tiles line the walls behind the sink, washer and dryer, and cane baskets are used for both decorative and storage purposes.

First published date: 24 August 2003

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Credit List

Architect Jan Gleysteen AIA, Jan Gleysteen Architects Inc (Wellesley, MA)
Main contractor Marc Kaplan, Sanford Homes, Inc Interior
Designer The Patterson Group
Tiles Tumbled Botticino marble tiles from Tile Showcase
Appliances Miele
Sink French farmhouse
Faucets Rohe
Countertops Stainless steel
Cabinetry Kenyon Millwork