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How to turn your garden into a work of art

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With a wide variety of choices and easy DIY ideas, you no longer need to rely on nurseries alone to electrify your garden

Transform your garden into a work of art


A garden is no longer just a space for flowers. Long gone are the days when gardens were admired for the sheer beauty of their blooms and greenery. The whole concept of art is being taken to a new and refreshing level with various forms of outdoor art. With a wide variety of choices and easy DIY ideas, you no longer need to rely on nurseries alone to electrify your garden.

Fence wall art

Not too happy with that plain wooden fence? A coat of paint or a creeper were the traditional go-to’s for sorting this out. Not so anymore. Fences can now be turned into garden focal points in a myriad of ways.Using simple DIY ideas, you can do just about anything with that pesky line of wood. Some opt for using it as a canvas to paint frescoes on, depicting anything you favour.

Alternatively, you can use interesting pieces of furniture and collectables, as well as large letters to create an eclectic outdoor focal point. Some people carve reliefs into their fences whilst others take it to another level and actually hang gallery-quality large paintings on the wall. This may sound risky but you can easily coat it against UV rays and create stunning outdoor art magic this way. The possibilities for walls are endless so let your imagination run free.

Outdoor statutory


Think statues are just for public spaces and pompous places? Think again. There is a whole new world of lovely statues carved out of just about any stone you want to add interest to your garden. If you are the patriotic type, have a look at some ideas for symbolic statues to place in your garden. For those with a more magical idea of gardens, anything from angels to depictions of toadstools and fairies will work. However, if you have a grand design in your garden, with a stunning architectural house on the grounds you may want to think more along the lines of icons of stature when it comes to your statuary. A large bronze of horses with their manes swept back, or some stately jade lions with all the grandeur such a house deserves might be called for. Whichever kinds of statues you choose, be sure that they compliment your house, garden, and personal style so that you get maximum enjoyment from having them there.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Most of us would not consider mirrors a way of adding interest and art to a garden, but they can look both striking and unique, and are perfect for smaller areas. Use them on walls around water to reflect the cool and calming effect of your water features. Alternatively, in smaller and darker spaces of the garden hang them in places where the light reflects through the foliage so as to create interesting, dancing shadows on your lawn. Mirrors don’t have to be just rectangular or square either. They can be cut into curved shapes to suit more art deco styles, or in geometric shapes for more modern houses. For those who prefer a touch of whimsy in their garden, you can always opt for animal, insect and bird shapes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when adding art effects to outdoor spaces is the style of your house and overall outdoor living space. Great ideas can be found on how to merge outdoors with indoors, and always let the main theme of your living space flow throughout. Don’t forget to have fun with outdoor art either. Be creative and revel in the transformation of your outdoor space.

First published date: 07 February 2018

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