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Situated in the suburban district of Hong Kong, this 4,600 square-feet home is light, tranquil and stylish

Understandably, the homeowner wanted to be able to see his car from other parts of the home


Architect: Millimeter Interior Design

About the project (text supplied): Situated in the suburban district of Hong Kong, this 4,600 square-feet house is a light, tranquil, yet stylish home. The designer applied contemporary white walls with light wooden flooring make the house warm and inviting. The transparent design of the garage makes this a dream house for the car enthusiastic owner, who can admire his collection in the living room anytime.

More, instead of the ordinary concrete stairs, the designer replaced it with the aesthetic iron staircase, not only reducing the visual disturbance from the beloved cars, but also connects to the angle bracket featured living room wall, which adds a sense of vitality alongside the Lamborghini. Extending the minimal feeling, the dining room is illuminated by white two extra-enormous pendant lamps, make the room less dull.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom comprises of a bathroom, study room and walk-in closet, all opened and spacious. With the serene countryside view, the owner can be relax and enjoy sunset while sitting in the opened study room.


First published date: 20 February 2018

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