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Forget the inefficient heating systems of old. Wood and gas fires from Fires By Design provide all the warmth you could ever want

Hot alternatives


Drafty old villas should be a thing of the past – thanks to improved heating technology. But there's no need to sacrifice your home's character when you opt for more efficient heating.

The latest Warmington fires from Fires By Design are designed to fit right in with your interior décor. And while they offer the traditional appeal of an open fire, modern technology has made their efficiency considerably better. The company says most of the heat created by a Warmington fire will not vanish up the chimney – unlike an old-style fireplace.

Fires By Design recognises that many homeowners undertaking a home renovation project are opting for a smart, contemporary look. Consequently, many of the company's wood and gas fires feature up-to-date styling, including stainless steel, black or brass surrounds. More traditional designs are also available. And if you can't find the look you want, Fires By Design can custom-design a fire to suit.

Both wood- and gas-fire options are designed for easy maintenance and can be either built-in or stand-alone models. Fire boxes can also be installed into existing fireplaces.

For details, contact Fires By Design (a division of Warmington Industries), 47 Sir William Ave, East Tamaki, Auckland, phone (09) 273 9227, fax (09) 273 9241.Email: .


First published date: 07 May 2004

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