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In the new Auckland City Hospital, expansive glazing, landscaping and colour provide natural light and a visual connection to the outdoors



Aluminium framed internal glass partitions, such as those found in the nurses station, allow staff to monitor the surrounding public spaces.

AAL Group of companies worked closely with the architects to ensure these partitions achieved the desired aesthetic, says sales and marketing manager Rick Jeffries.

"The architects mainly specified the Monz suite, an 89mm steel stud-based system that was originally designed for the Te Papa museum. Due to the popularity of the Monz suite has become extremely popular with architects and designers, who like its symmetrical look and its anodised metallic finish."

Due to the popularity of the Monz suite, a new 64mm steel stud-based system has been developed so designers can achieve the same symmetrical look but at more economical prices.

For this project, the company also designed a new section that would accommodate the architect's requirement for a slim 25mm-by-25mm glazing bar section on the perimeter of the opening.


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First published date: 12 October 2003

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