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In the new Auckland City Hospital, expansive glazing, landscaping and colour provide natural light and a visual connection to the outdoors



Studies in overseas hospitals show that ceiling-mounted patient lifting systems can significantly reduce back injuries to staff, saving money and labour costs. They can also help reduce clutter in rooms.

For the new Auckland City Hospital, the project team commissioned rehabilitation and home healthcare equipment specialists Active Rehab Equipment to supply and install ceiling hoists in a number of the rooms.

As well as being able to lift from 200kg to 360kg, the equipment had to be compatible with existing slings and lifting frames which the company had previously supplied to the hospital, says Active Rehab Equipment.

"The Voyager System was chosen because of the flexibility of the motor units. The Voyager Portable can be easily moved from one track to another in another room."

The tracks can be fitted with a motor unit that will lift weights of up to 360kg. All the tracks can be connected to 230V power to charge the lifting unit's batteries.


For further information, contact Active Rehab Equipment, 254 Church St, Onehunga, freephone 0800 336 339.

First published date: 12 October 2003

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