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Home uses ‘breathing walls’ for airflow

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The architects of this home had to get creative when working with a small plot of land

This home is situated on a narrow plot of land. It was important to efficiently use the space available


The design of this project was intended as a prototype for future narrow plot homes ­– and it was a challenging section to work with. The section had a tight public road to the west, a private road to the north, a house abutting the site to the south and another residence to the east.

Given the land available, the architects needed to rethink ventilation to ensure adequate airflow through the home. It was decided that central ventilating volume would be key.

The final home consists of two blocks with a connecting, landscaped atrium capped with a skylight. The north and south parts of the home use ‘breathing walls’ constructed of corten steel to allow airflow. This solution turned out to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home.


First published date: 12 April 2017

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