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Forget classroom lessons, Parnell College's latest building provides an education all its own



WITH A PEDIGREE dating back nearly 10,000 years and unparalleled flexibility as a building material, the humble clay brick is always a safe cladding option for any commercial project. These two aspects are particularly relevant when construction of a new building occurs in an area of heritage-listed buildings.

This was certainly the case for Parnell College's new campus, says Eagle Masonry director David Lister.

"Awhina House is surrounded by a number of historically significant buildings, including Parnell Library, and therefore the design and materials used needed to be consistent with the prevailing aesthetic. To that end, Monier bricks in smooth red were specified for the exterior of the building."

Following 35 years in the industry and with a combined experience of 120 years, the team at Eagle Masonry was contracted to the Parnell College project.

"Eagle Masonry has extensive experience across the construction industry and has formed associations with all of the major construction companies."


The campus' construction began mid-2005, with an interior assembly of Stevensons grey masonry dry block.

"Like brick, dry block has many benefits that makes it an ideal building material. Fire and weather resistant, dry block also offers excellent sound proofing, protection from mould and fungi, and allows for multiple finish options," says Lister.

With a total build time of 14 months, Lister says Awhina House is indicative of the level of construction Eagle Masonry has a reputation for.

As well as commercial and residential construction – including solid concrete form construction – Eagle Masonry also carries out concrete floor honing and polishing, plastering and concrete pumping. The company also supplies scaffolding services to construction companies, utilising the tube and clip system.

For further information, contact Eagle Masonry, PO Box 79-070, Royal Heights, Massey, phone (09) 828 0615, mobile 021 974 375, fax (09) 828 0618. Email:

First published date: 30 March 2007

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