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high profile facade by Miller Design

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Merchant Quarter boasts a dramatic facade – conceived by Miller Design

high profile facade by Miller Design


As an extension to the bustling New Lynn transport hub, the Merchant Quarter provides a vibrant commercial centre and social gathering point – the two-tone facade makes a stand-out sight when viewed from the street.

Miller Design was responsible for the design, fabrication, glazing and installation of the Merchant Quarter's dramatic concrete and black glass facade, says Stijn Van den Eeden, business development.

"In fact, several aspects of this project were undertaken by us – including the triangular modular elements, the curtain wall on the carpark, the glass bridge, the skylights and the canopies."

"Miller Design was chosen for the job because we were able to design and install a broad array of complicated shapes and custom elements – and have the skill set needed to complete all aspects of the facade application," says Van den Eeden. "We also had to factor in a specially developed weather- and air-tight system to deal with its variegated make-up. A flush glaze curtain wall system was used for Merchant Quarter, and the project was completed on time and to budget."

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First published date: 19 June 2013

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