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High profile – Structurflex membrane canopies

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Structurflex ETFE canopies at The Crossing

High profile – Structurflex membrane canopies


Soaring tensile membrane canopies introduce a sculptural quality to the pedestrian precinct at The Crossing. They also provide shelter from weather extremes.

The ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) canopies were manufactured by Structurflex, an international specialist in fabric architecture. Business development manager Simon Higgs says ETFE provides a creative, lightweight alternative to glass.

"ETFE is a transparent extruded film, or foil, with a similar light transmission to glass, but is just 1% of the weight. As well as providing significant visual impact, the foil allows a design flexibility and light-transmitting qualities that can't be matched by traditional building materials. And although the membrane structures are lightweight, they are strong enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions."

ETFE has a lifespan of more than 25 years, and has been used on many high-profile projects and stadiums around the globe.

"Structurflex has long been at the forefront of mechanically prestressed systems using ETFE, and pneumatically prestressed systems, known as ETFE cushions," says Higgs. "Our projects are always a collaboration – we work closely with architects, engineers, construction professionals and clients to create inspiring, successful solutions that meet every design brief."



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First published date: 19 December 2013

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