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The ability to withstand heavy snow falls and earthquakes helped determine the choice of Gerard Colortiles for this re-roofing project

High exposure


Shovelling a metre of snow from the front door is not a novelty for people living in southern regions. A heavy snowfall poses many concerns for country dwellers, including the possible effect of too much weight on the roof.

For the owners of this house, however, that is one worry they do not have. Having undertaken an extensive renovation project, which included ground-floor extensions, they chose to re-roof their entire home with Gerard Colortile roofing.

"The house was formerly roofed with clay tiles, but we wanted a roof that would require less maintenance – we didn't want to be spraying for moss or lichen," one of the owners says. "We also needed a roof that would withstand the weight of the snow in winter, and that wouldn't collapse in an earthquake."

The owner says Gerard Colortile roofing in Marseille Clay met the durability and low-maintenance requirements without compromising the home's aesthetics.

Gerard Colortile roofing has the scalloped profile of a traditional tile roof, which makes it suitable for a wide range of architectural styles. Being lightweight, it is also a cost-effective option, as there is no need for the extra structural supports needed for a heavier roof.


Like all Gerard Roofs products, Gerard Colortile comes with various trim options and colour co-ordinates with most standard building products.

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First published date: 20 July 2006

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