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Heritage apartment renovated and reimagined

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Dilapidated and old fashioned, this penthouse was certainly in need of an update. See how LUCAS LAU tackled the project

An electric blue kitchen stands out


Architect: LUCAS LAU

About the project (Text supplied): Built in the 1983, the existing 350m2 penthouse was built in 3 levels on top of a heritage listed apartment with living spaces at ground, mezzanine levels and a roof deck on the top floor. Dilapidated and old fashioned, the property was vacant for an extensive period due to severe water damages which had pressed for a renovation and make-over.

The penthouse is intended to be a guesthouse with the dual purposes of accommodating and entertaining. Our brief was to create interior spaces that are unique, dynamic and interchangeable within a standard construction cost. At the inception, the design was challenged by heritage and multiple technical restrictions.

Spatial re-organisation was particular limited as the penthouse is wedged between apartments and pre-conditioned by the levels above and under. The first impression of the site was dull and gloomy. Natural lights to the south and north of the penthouse is available but impede by the internal layout and forms.

Our approach was minimalistic yet effective by interweaving curve forms into the existing spaces. These sculpted forms encourages seamless flow whiles enabling shades of lights penetrates between spaces. Bathroom and en suites are modify into light wells extending their sole purposes as amenity spaces which allows for natural light penetrating to the core of the penthouse. Joineries and fittings are designed in coherence with the overall forms.


The floating kitchen island bench was designed to be practical yet arty specifically to hearten interaction between patrons. The completed penthouse is private and serene yet can be sensual and evocative when is required. Achieving the ambitious goal of the project.

First published date: 08 November 2017

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