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Here's to the future

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The new Population Health Complex brings together academic staff, students and public clinics – all in one energy efficient structure

Here's to the future


Dominion Constructors worked closely with Fletcher Construction to place all the building's precast concrete structures, including the supply of formwork and labour for the in-situ concrete walls and floors. This job was unusual in that a structural steel frame was combined with both in-situ concrete work and precast elements, says Dominion Constructor's director Brett Russell.

"The size and complexity of the precast forms required an expert focus, with much of the precast concrete bolted directly onto the structural steel," says Russell.

Both the in-situ concrete walls and most of the precast concrete elements were left exposed, so Dominion had to construct both elements with care to provide a high quality finish.

"Dominion Constructors Quality Management System is certified ISO9001:2000," says Russell. "Our quality systems provide the structure and evidence for traceability of all key aspects of works undertaken, ensuring effective methodology is applied throughout the project and quality is built into all processes."

For details, contact Dominion Constructors, 170 Marua Rd, Ellerslie, phone (09) 526 5808, fax (09) 526 5809. .


First published date: 10 December 2004

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