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A central floor mosaic and four display perfumeries visually anchor this master suite while accentuating the sense of symmetry


Available space often dictates the shape of a bathroom. In some instances, functional and linear designs are necessary. However, as homes are reworked to include larger, self-contained suites, more elaborate plans, that create flow through different spaces, are providing both functional and visually interesting solutions.

In this case, the owners and designer, Judy Mozen, from Handcrafted Homes, Inc, wanted to move away from the existing linear bathroom. A design with a defined center, and branches leading to the different services, was chosen, says Mozen.

"Some elements of the design were inspired by a spa retreat in the North Georgia mountains," she says. "As you stood in the center of the spa, each door opened into adifferent area. This is a concept we applied here."

Previously, the bathroom's main feature was a tub, situated under a large window. However, it didn't relate well to the vanities, says Mozen.

"Tubs are often the central focus in a bathroom, but the reality is that they are rarely used everyday. Here, we wanted to harness natural light for the vanities, so tasks such as applying make-up and shaving are made easier."


The remodeled master bedroom incorporates a mahogany-paneled kitchenette, with marble countertops, a refrigerator, plenty of built-in storage, and a freestanding armoire.

In the attached bathroom, some amenities, such as the toilet and bidet, and walk-in closet, can be closed off with doors. Also arranged around the central floor mosaic are a double-size steam shower with twin fittings, a large whirlpool tub and intricate maple cabinetry.

As well as featuring twin vanities, from Shirley McFarlane of McFarlane Designs, the bathroom includes four perfumeries that surround the central mosaic like compass points, adding to the room's symmetry.

"The cabinetry is furniture-like, and finished in off-white paint with very light glazing," says McFarlane.

"The vanities feature undermount sinks, with a rounded apron that steps back underneath. The perfumeries have built-in lighting, and glass doors and shelves, so they are not only decorative, but also functional."

After the suite's basic colors were chosen, interior designer Doug Weiss designed the bathroom's mosaics and stained glass windows.

These all feature green hues, chosen to complement the colors of the river that winds past the property. The bedroom's silk wallpaper and faux painting also tie into this theme.

First published date: 03 March 2006

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Credit List

Architect Judy Mozen, Handcrafted Homes, Inc (Roswell, GA)
Design team Judy Mozen, Handcrafted Homes, Inc; Shirley McFarlane, McFarlane Designs, Inc, and Doug Weiss, Douglas Weiss Interiors
Builder Judy Mozen and Randy Urquhart, Handcrafted Homes, Inc
Interior designer Doug Weiss, Douglas Weiss Interiors
Bathtub Kallista fromFerguson Enterprises
Vanity cabinetry Maple, designed by Shirley McFarlane, custom made by Draper DBS
Vanity top Travertine Alabastrino from G & L Marble, fabricated by Russell Motter from Surface Encounters and Stonehenge
Perfume cabinetry Maple, designed by Judy Mozen, fabricated byS & S Woodcrafters
Basin Caxton undermount from Kohler
Faucets Kallista Baccarat Bambous in polished nickel from Ferguson Enterprises
Hot water systems Steamist
Shower fittings Rohl
Shower door Drexler Shower Door
Tiles Travertine Alabastrino fromG & L Marble, installed by A&J Tile Company
Underfloor heating Warmly Yours
Floor and wall medallions Designed by Doug Weiss, supplied by Renaissance Tile and Bath
Toilet and bidet Kohler Memoirs in Biscuit from Ferguson Enterprises
Chandeliers Niermann Weeks from Ainsworth Noah
Vanity sconces Lord & Lockridge from Ainsworth Noah
Stained glass Jancik Arts International
Downlighting Chuck Spiers, Design Lighting Group, LLC
Drapery fabric Medaille/Creme from Pindler & Pindler
Drapery fringe Tuscan Tassel fringe from Decor de Paris
Trim and moldings White River, Century Millworks, Randall Brothers, installed by Arch-I-Trim
Bedroom walls Faux painting by Judy Neukrug
Bedroom flooring Brazilian cherry by Heritage Fine Floors