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Heart of glass

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With its hundreds of glass louvres and elliptical steel framework, the three-storey structure behind the old Chief Post Office is a glittering entrance to New Zealand's first underground train station

Heart of glass


As with any new public amenity, catering for the needs of the visually impaired was an essential part of the design of the Britomart Transport Centre. A new tactile indicator system was developed by Mobility Research Centre to meet the performance criteria specified by the architects, and to provide an aesthetic feature.

Managing director Michael Browne says stainless steel tactile ground surface indicators are installed at prominent features such as stairs, lifts and escalators to enhance access and provide warning of potential dangers to those with limited vision. While visually impaired pedestrians can feel the modules through contact by foot or cane, the indicators also act as a visual and tactile safety barrier for other users.

Browne says the indicators are fixed to a variety of floor surfaces throughout the centre. In the glasshouse they are fixed to glass flooring, where they enhance the bold, contemporary look of the structure. They are also fixed to basalt stairs and landings, and the concrete station platforms.

For further information, contact Mobility Research Centre, PO Box 9518, Newmarket, Auckland, phone (09) 520 4953, fax (09) 524 4177. Email:


First published date: 12 October 2003

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