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The design for the National Heart Centre Singapore takes an holistic approach to well being


Hand-in-hand with advances in medical technology has been a shift from specifically targeting symptoms or diseases to treating patients holistically. It is generally accepted that there is much more to a cure than simply treating disease.

Broadway Malyan, proficient in medical design, has collaborated with Ong&Ong Architects to design the new National Heart Centre Singapore with an aggregate view of patient wellbeing.

"Fundamental to this design is placing people first – a philosophy that will ensure individual needs are met by the centre, whether patient, doctor or visitor," says director of Broadway Malyan Singapore Jason Pomeroy.

The operational layout of the building has been set to minimise travel distances for patients and staff, with the first six floors containing a day surgery, operating theatres, clinics, laboratories, radiology and retail facilities. The remaining four floors will house non-patient areas, including research laboratories and administrative offices.

"Providing social connectivity, the building will feature a collection of related healthcare and social amenities arranged around open spaces. These spaces are designed to expedite healing via the provision of natural light, ventilation and views, while also providing planting that acts, in part, as a carbon sponge," says Pomeroy.


First published date: 21 September 2009

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Project National Heart Centre, Singapore
Architect/designers Broadway Malyan; Ong&Ong Architects Images courtesy of Broadway Malyan