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With its large, stone water feature and tranquil mood lighting, this tropical landscape was designed to be viewed from the inside


Just because you have a small site and limited space for a garden, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy an attractive landscape. With the right design and planting, even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be meaningful.

Jeffrey Goh of Interconsultants Pte Ltd, the architect of the semi-detached bungalow featured on these pages, says the house was designed to open up to the garden. Large, floor-to-ceiling glazed walls effectively bring the garden indoors, with a centrepiece water feature framed by sheer curtains either side of bifolding doors.

The water feature, on the boundary of the property, consists of a gently sloping marble wall with a square-edged, rough granite surround. Water cascades down the marble to a narrow pool that meets the edge of the house.

Goh says the doors open right over the water, further enhancing the cool, tropical ambience. At night, mood lighting creates a tranquil effect. Lights positioned either side of the water feature and within the pool, highlight stepping stones and the marble waterfall.

"Although a focus of attention, this feature continues the lush, tropical landscaping theme adopted throughout the garden," says Goh.


First published date: 23 December 2004

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Credit List

Architect Jeffrey Goh, Interconsultants Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Stone Rough granite and marble from Master Building Products
Main contractor Join-Aim Construction
Planting Blooms & Greens