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Happy hour

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When it comes to pub fitouts, atmosphere is everything. The Irish character of these bars is enhanced by the use of Stutex Stone products

Happy hour


As every tavern owner knows, creating a warm and inviting environment is a sure way to keep the punters happy. For the bars featured on these pages, that ambience is provided by large fireplaces, stone walls and chimneys.

Ann Goodin of Flintstonze says the owners of the Hound & Bull tavern in Taradale, and the Thirsty Whale and Brazen Head establishments in Napier, specified Stutex Stone's Mountain Stone and Edge Stone from the Cerastone range.

"All these projects were re-fits and natural stone would have been too heavy," she says. "The Stutex Stone-manufactured stone products were the best option, being lightweight, and quick and easy to apply. They also create the right aesthetics, enhancing the traditional Irish pub look."

Goodin says the larger Mountain Stone was chosen as it closely resembles river stone. The Edge Stone, in two different colours, provides a look of natural schist.

Stutex Stone products are available in several styles and colours, and have a 30-year warranty.


For details, contact Stutex Stone, 8/6 Westgate Dr, Westgate, Auckland, freephone 0800 788 839 or phone (09) 832 8300. Email: .

First published date: 23 August 2004

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