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Choose a clean-lined, low-maintenance option for your home, with premium upvc weatherboards and soffits from Masada NZ



Making the most of your time at home shouldn't mean wasting that precious time on maintenance. Modern cladding materials can bring an easy solution to this problem. To achieve a hassle-free exterior for your renovation, talk to people who know the cladding industry and can supply the most effective product for your project.

Masada vinyl weatherboard exteriors have become a popular choice for many New Zealand home renovators, says Tom Niblock, director of Masada NZ, the cladding's nationwide distributor.

"Masada weatherboards and soffits present a low-maintenance exterior that never needs painting," says Niblock. "New Zealand's maritime environment can be tough on homes and this cladding is unaffected by the sun and salt-spray – it won't warp, split or rot, even the nails are protected by a special fixing system."

The cladding is clean, light and easy to install. It can be placed over the top of existing cladding, giving an older home a fresh, new look. Masada's twin-wall design gives it extra strength.

The weatherboards are available in a broad range of colours. Their toughness extends beyond being impervious to weather, as they are also unaffected by insect pests such as borer, two problems often associated with the renovation of older homes.


"Vinyl weatherboards are also well-suited to home renovation because they work in well with other low-maintenance exterior products such as brick and plaster," says Niblock. "Sometimes Masada weatherboards are installed just on the upper level or on the gable ends and above windows to provide contrast with other materials and to eliminate the need for painting in those hard to reach places."

For the beach cottage shown on this page, the owners wanted a contemporary appearance that moved away from the traditional bach look.

"Perched near the edge of the sea, the home's exterior had to stand up to the harsh marine environment," says Niblock. "Masada provided a comprehensive renovation solution, which required little up-keep by the owners."

Masada weatherboards can be fixed both diagonally and horizontally. They can also be applied over curved surfaces, such as for decking balustrades or under bay windows.

"The use of Masada products is as versatile as a home renovator's imagination," says Niblock.

As a practical exterior, Masada offers other advantages too. The material offers a high degree of insulation and a noticeable reduction in condensation, making the interior warmer and dryer.

"Masada vinyl cladding will protect your home and add to its value," says Niblock. "It presents carefree up-keep on your exterior and is available in a myriad of colours and applications."

For more details, contact Masada NZ, 14a Joval Place, Manukau City, Auckland, phone 0508 62 72 32, fax (09) 262 0779. Email: .

First published date: 07 May 2004

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