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Hands full? Blum drawer opens at touch of a knee

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Blum Servo-Drive uno

Hands full? Blum drawer opens at touch of a knee


There's always a moment when you're in the middle of preparing dinner and you want to remove vegetable peelings to create more space on the benchtop. But invariably your hands are full, and you struggle to open the rubbish bin.

Such frustration is a thing of the past when you have Servo-Drive uno. Simple to install, yet highly practical and innovative, Servo-Drive uno is a fitting that is installed behind a Blum Tandembox drawer. Once fitted, all that's required to open the bin front is a light tap of the knee, foot or elbow.

As well as being convenient, the new unit addresses hygiene issues. The possibility that bacteria might be transferred is eliminated, because your hands never need to touch the bin itself.

Research shows the rubbish bin drawer is one of the most frequently used drawers in the kitchen, so it makes sense to streamline its operation. The only prerequisite for installing a Servo-Drive uno is a Blum Tandembox drawer. To connect the unit, you simply plug it into a power point. The unit can be quite easily retro fitted behind an existing Blum bin.

The Blum Servo-Drive uno can be seen in action in Blum showrooms Auckland or Christchurch.


For more details, contact Blum New Zealand, 621 Rosebank Rd, Avondale, Auckland 1026, phone (09) 820 5051; or 27 Dalziel Pl, Woolston, phone (03) 379 4984, Christchurch. .

First published date: 18 December 2012

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