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Sustainable building development is now on the rise across the globe

Green is good – Read the new Bayleys study


From Bayleys: The secret is out. Green buildings work.

It's no surprise either. Green rated buildings deliver a multitude of benefits. From addressing climate change, to creating healthier, more engaging work environments as well as improving the financial metrics of buildings.

The recent green construction movement had its origins in the 1990s, initially as a fringe activity but increasingly, over the past two decades, it has gained main-stream status. The UK and US were the first to lead the charge with momentum growing more rapidly amongst other OECD countries in the 2000s and beyond. In NZ the movement really kicked up a gear in 2005 with the formation of the NZ Green Building Council (NZGBC) and in 2006 NZGBC became the 6th member of the World Green Building Council (currently 100 members). NZGBC began offering 4 to 6 Green Star ratings in 2007 for “design”, 2008 for “built” and 2009 for “interior” projects.
From 2018 the NZGBC plans to streamline the process further and phase out “design” certifications, focusing instead on “built” and “interior’ certifications. Seen as a third party quality-assurance to owners and added value to buildings, the adoption of green building standards in NZ has been market led rather than regulation driven as in some European countries and other parts of the world.

A concerning environmental impact


Despite representing just 3% of the world’s landmass, the built environment:
  • uses 40% of the world’s energy
  • emits 30% of the world’s carbon footprint
  • uses 14% of the world’s drinking water
Overlay this with the fact that the world’s urban population is:
  • increasing by around 70 million per year, and
  • by 2050 almost 70% of the world’s 9.7 billion population will live in cities
This means more buildings will be needed along with increased sustainable building management. In short, the future of buildings and the future of sustainability are becoming inextricably linked.
Green at home
In Auckland almost half the green Star rated office buildings are located in the CBD and the other half spread across the broader metro area. The nine CBD 'built' rated buildings total 132,000m2 and represent around 10% of total CBD Stock (and 22% of prime grade stock).
The Auckland CBD is currently in the midst of a new development cycle with five office projects totalling around 80,000m2 currently under construction. To date four out of five projects have been registered for either Green 'design' and/or 'built' rating status. Unlike the previous construction cycle where a construction cost premium was attached to green features, this has all but disappeared as environmental features increasingly become standard.

Read more in the document published by Bayleys and the New Zealand Green Building Council on the Bayleys website. Link to document: Green is good (PDF)

First published date: 22 May 2017

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