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Recycling is now an integral part of almost every commercial project – the logical next step is a recycle station comprising durable and hygenic Hideaway Bins

green agenda


Green building codes, government recycling initiatives – the drive to protect our planet from excess waste in the commercial sector has never been stronger. And part of this is establishing efficient recycling practices in the workplace, a mindset not lost on clients and visitors.

The installation of 50L Hideaway Bins side by side is a simple solution for workplace waste and recycling, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen.

"Even better, the bins slide away out of sight, keeping the room clear of clutter."

Hideaway Bins are designed with strong, durable materials to withstand the rigours of a commercial environment. The framework is in high-grade steel, powdercoated for added durability, while the bin runners are designed to hold up to 52kg.

With hygiene a priority, Hideaway Bins have a friction-fitted, antibacterial Clinikill lid on most ranges. This protects against harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi for a clean, safe office environment.


The bench-height units pull out towards the user, with the Clinikill lid remaining within the cabinet.

For further details, contact Hideaway Bins, phone (09) 426 7456. Website:

First published date: 26 May 2014

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