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Each room in this house is unique and yet every space seamlessly blends together


One's home is meant as personal a space as it can be and the greatest challenge to a designer's creativity is the capacity to move out of his comfort zone and adapt to the preferences of the homeowner.

Located in the heart of Calicut is one such home, designed by architect Babu Cherian of Babu Cherian & Associates. The apartment is located at the top floor of a building that is designed by Cherian and covers an area of about 2100 sq ft.

"Since it is a very linear apartment, it offers great privacy at one end of the house where the bedrooms are situated. The client wanted all the spaces to be free-flowing so we had to remove walls so that each space meanders into another. Another important change we made in the structure is to bring in the open spaces inside," says Cherian.

The house opens into a small foyer. Since the plot is linear, the house stretches inward along its length.

"The owner wanted the common areas of the apartment to be entirely white. We decided to add a combination of chrome and silver to break the starkness of pure white," says Cherian.


This can be seen in several elements that subtly add dimension to the monochrome effect of white. Stainless steel has been used in the chairs and the bookshelf. The wallpaper has fluid silver swirls, which give the space more depth. Additionally, the silver cushions and curtains bring a touch of glamour.

The entire apartment has a contemporary look, which is very different from Cherian's signature style.

"I'm very traditional in my design aesthetic. I prefer using a lot of wood and warm, earthy tones. Most people don't believe this is my work. When I was in Abu Dhabi, I spent time with the owner to understand the kind of person he is and the way he conducts himself. I knew I would have to give him something different from the ordinary," says Cherian.

Since the owner wanted minimum division of space, the dining area has been incorporated in the living space itself. The living room also has a small landscaped balcony. A corridor beyond the dining area leads to the kitchen.

The wall of the corridor has been embellished with cladding stone placed at uneven levels. This creates a dramatic play of light and shadow, and turns an otherwise monotonous space into a design element in its own right.

Beyond the kitchen are the bedrooms, nestled at the farthest end of the house. Each room has been given a different treatment and yet the overall effect is a balance of uniqueness and harmony of design in equal measure. Each room makes a statement and yet fits effortlessly into the general look of the house.

The master bedroom uses elements of blue, which can be seen on the walls and accessories. The balcony beyond the bathroom is a space deliberately designed to make the most of Kerala's apocalyptic monsoon rains.

Since there are no buildings nearby, Cherian could provide an open space to let the rain into the house without compromising on privacy, thereby making a strong connection between the indoors and the outdoors.

The second room belongs to the daughter who has a fascination for pink. The room hints at classic grandeur while retaining a contemporary flavour of the house.

"We didn't want to have a floral design in the room but we still wanted it to look delicate so we decided to use wallpaper with stripes. The room is very small so we made the bed as simple as possible in a way that it would look grand without blocking any space," says Cherian.

First published date: 16 October 2012

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Credit List

Owner's name P.V. Sheheen
Architect Babu Cherian; Babu Cherian and Associates
Builder Crescent Builders
Kitchen Pyramid Construction Management & Solutions
Cladding Keramos, Tile source
Window Fenesta, Pyramid Construction Management & Solutions
Furniture Custom-made
Tiling Somany, Kajaria, Marble Gallery
Flooring Kajaria, Nitco, Marble Gallery
Wallcoverings Keramos, Instyle, Pyramid Construction Management & Solutions
Paints Asian Paints, DuPont Paints
Lighting ABBA, Hybec, Philips
Cooling Voltas
Cabinet Plywood with lacquered glass
Benchtops Marble Gallery
Splashback Saint Gobain
Oven Faber
Stove Faber
Ventilation Cata
Microwave LG
Refrigerator Panasonic Waste
Unit Hafele
Bath Grohe, Duravit
Basin Duravit
Taps Jaquar
Shower Jaquar
Fittings Jaquar
Shower stall Jaquar
Hot water systems Jaquar
Bedroom suite Pyramid Construction Management & Solutions
Mirror Saint Gobain
Landscaping Aneesh
Outdoor lighting Hybec
Outdoor Pyramid Construction Management & Solutions