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Bold, daring designs emphasising vibrant colours and modern functionality are all part of the new range from French kitchen maker Mobalpa

Good taste


A kitchen company that started life as a cabinetry maker has a solid grounding in durable, practical designs. When the same company hails from France – a country famous for its flair and invention – then its products have an even stronger appeal.

Mobalpa's dynamic kitchen designs have seen it grow from its 1907 origins as a French joinery company to become a key reference in the European design market, says export manager Guillaume Malaise.

"The new Mobalpa range offers exciting new aesthetics, including high-shine acrylic surfaces and melamine fronts that have the grained look and natural warmth of wood," says Malaise. "Our trademark attention to detail – seen in fittings such as adjustable drawer inserts by designer Jean-François Mermillod and air-stop drawer buffers – is reflected in all the new fully customisable kitchens."

The Niobe kitchen exemplifies the new range. Its vibrant panels are in blackcurrant, mandarin or guava green, creating ambiences that evoke food and flavours.

The crystal cabinets – offered in white or black lacquered glass – complement the vibrant colours of the panels. Sleek, minimalist cabinetry handles and a sculptural rangehood complete the picture.


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First published date: 13 October 2009

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