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Go with the grain

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With its earthy tones and natural woodgrain finishes, this living space not only looks environmentally friendly – it is, thanks to the use of The Laminex Group's Greenfirst products

Go with the grain


Sustainable design is increasingly influencing the material specification for both commercial and residential building projects. It's an awareness that has led to the introduction of Greenfirst, a range of environmentally preferable laminates independently certified through Environmental Choice New Zealand.

Neil Jones, business manager of The Laminex Group, says the eco-friendly Greenfirst range of laminates reflects the company's commitment to ecologically sustainable design.

"These products give our specifiers, including architects, designers and furniture manufacturers, the ability to respond to the demands of their customers without having to compromise any creative design flexibility."

Jones says waste and emission reduction, resource conservation, recycling and sustainable development are demonstrated in the manufacturing processes and the selection of raw materials. Greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing processes have been benchmarked against Worlds Best Practice.

In the house featured on this page, three Laminex laminates on Superfine particle board were integrated to create a crisp, casual environment, which is equally suited to work or play. Laminex Sublime Teak, a subtle, smooth woodgrain, features on the table benchtop and shelving. This is paired with Laminex Peat on the cupboards – a bold, green-toned laminate – and Laminex Moleskin on lower cabinets.


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First published date: 30 March 2007

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