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Golden flames are the focal point of this minimalist gas fire, whichcomplements the uncluttered look of the modern living room

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Few of us can resist the allure of a glowing fire – especially if it evokes the pleasure of fireside evenings from our childhood. But if we choose a clean minimalist look for our interiors, then gas fires need to follow the same aesthetic, says Nigel Bamford of Escea.

The company has developed a range of gas fires that focus on the fire and the flames, with a slim aluminium surround that recedes into the background.

"It's an understated look that works best in modern homes with a minimalist decor rather than turn-of-the-century villas," says Bamford. "Many interior designers and architects have told us that they appreciate the clean lines and the fact that the fire takes up such a large area."

Technology is also important. The fire can be controlled from a mobile phone or the internet, with an Escea i-con accessory.

"This means that you'll never again come home to a cold house," says Bamford. "You simply dial up your Escea gas fire from your mobile on the way home and by the time you arrive, the house is warm."


Owners can also pre-programme their fire to come on at any future date or time. Once home, owners control their Escea fire from a wireless wall-mount control, which maintains a constant room temperature.

For details of your nearest dealer, contact Escea, freephone 0800 173 000. .

First published date: 27 April 2007

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