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Overlooking the breathtaking environment of Queenstown this futuristic residence is inspired by the mountain outcrops that surround it

Future perfect


Nestling a contemporary glass and concrete structure in a breathtaking mountain environment might not sound like a marriage of kindred forms. However, when an inspired design team conceives the shape of the structure from the striking rocky outcrops that surround it, the home becomes an extension of the striking natural landscape it inhabits.

The concept home shown on these pages, named Jagged Edge, is the work of Warrick Weber, a structural engineer specialising in the design of one-of-a-kind architecturally significant buildings based on structural harmony and simplicity.

The strong design concept at the heart of Jagged Edge is deceptively simple – a tension structure supporting a large concrete roof, with the tension cables anchored back into the natural rock. Once this structure has been established, it allows the designer to create interior spaces that are free and uninterrupted. In this case, the first floor is suspended from the roof, again using tension cables. The perimeter walls are constructed entirely of glass takingthe best advantage of Jagged Edge'smagnificent, sweeping panoramic views.

In terms of architecture and environmental design, consideration to form was imperative. The extensive use of glass allows the house to integrate seamlessly with the landscape.

"We wanted to fit architecture into an outstanding natural landscape where it emulates that landscape as much as it can," says Weber. "Jagged Edge is a real fusion of architectural design with the natural geology and topography, designed to look like a shard of local schist rock coming out of the hillside."


Together with the land forms and striking architectural design, the serene, secluded location, is what defines the Jagged Edge residence.

"To this end, there are alternative options available to provide expansive outdoor areas which flow naturally from the house's internal spaces," says the designer. "The site is so private that the internal spaces can only be viewed from within the property itself, and window treatments provide for privacy where needed."

From the home's distinctive design, to its privacy and day-to-day operation, everything is closely considered. For example, state-of-the-art building management systems provide heating and cooling control.

As a structural engineer, Weber has worked on a number of substantial international projects. This project is the first of a range of one-off designs being developed by his company, Structure Led Architecture (SLA), with a new mid-range architectural range also being launched soon.

Weber's concept of structure-led architecture draws on his experience of structural design and eye for architectural form. This combination allows the forward-looking designer to create designs where structure and architecture are one.

Jagged Edge has been created by a team of standout designers, each well respected in their own right, with Weber at the helm. Collectively, they represent a wealth of industry knowledge and global experience.

Principal architect on Jagged Edge is Chelsea Dawson, whose extensiveportfolio includes high end residential and commercial work in London and Sydney.

Damien Murphy, a glass designer specialising in architecturally challenging projects, is another integral part of the team, as is interior designer Carmen Hubber of Queenstown, with more than 15 years' experience in the industry. Award-winning designer Lloyd Richardson designed Jagged Edge's all mod-cons kitchen. Project manager is Glenn Parker of Queenstown Project Management.

"People will enjoy this house because it's so much part of the environment. You can be sitting in your dining room looking down into a bush-clad valley; watch the sun rise from your breakfast area; and see the evening sun bathe The Remarkables in its soft glow from the pool balcony.

"It is the ultimate platform for entertaining and lifestyle, whether it's with friends or corporate clients."

For further details contact Jagged Edge, PO Box 1271 Queenstown, phone (03) 442 7230. Email:, .

First published date: 30 March 2006

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