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Elevating this pool above the ground was a way to align it with a terrace – and avoid a volcanic rock excavation, says Mayfair Pools

From the ground up


Sometimes the best design for a swimming pool doesn't involve a hole in the ground. If your home is elevated, for example, building a pool at the same level as the family living area can create a seamless flow between the two.

Such was the case with this Mayfair Pools project, built by Designer Pools in Auckland. Director Richard Rowley says the house is on a sloping site, with the family living areas elevated above the ground.

"To provide a good indoor-outdoor flow, it made sense to build the pool level with the terrace," he says. "This also avoided the potential difficulties involved in digging into the local volcanic rock."

Rowley says the pool wall near the boundary was raised to accommodate a sheer descent waterfall. The height of the wall also provides privacy and meets local council fencing regulations.

The pool is edged with flamed black granite bullnose pavers, which provide an attractive, non-slip surround.


Rowley says Mayfair Pools agents specialise in customised pools and water features. The company has a network of agents throughout the country, who frequently work with local landscape designers to ensure the paving, walls and planting complement each pool setting.

For more information or details of your nearest agent, contact Mayfair Pools, phone 0800 Mayfair (629 3247). .

First published date: 18 January 2006

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