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A soaring roofline, high clerestory windows and a blonded wood interior give the Lockwood Skagen show home a contemporary Scandinavian feel

From the fiords


Good design is all about maximising space to create flowing interiors that are light and airy.

The new Lockwood Skagen show home at Ultrawood Homes in Takanini illustrates this perfectly. Not a square metre is wasted, and a raked ceiling and high clerestory windows enhance the spacious feel of the home.

Richard Waldron of Ultrawood Homes, the Lockwood franchisee, says the 126m2 home seems much larger than the area would suggest.

"This is due to the design. There are no passageways, for example, so extra space could be allotted to living areas. Yet there is good separation between the master suite at one end of the house, and the two bedrooms at the opposite end."

The blonded wood walls and ceilings have a whitewashed, Scandinavian look that helps to keep the interior light. Two skylights, one in the kitchen and another in the master bathroom, bring in plenty of additional natural light.


"The front door and entry area in this home are on the opposite side to the large sliders. This creates a real sense of arrival, and maintains privacy."

For more details or to visit the show home, contact the Lockwood franchisee Ultrawood Homes, 212 Great South Rd, Takanini, Auckland, phone (09) 299 6556, or phone 0508 LOCKWOOD (5625 9663).

First published date: 02 April 2014

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