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From here to infinity

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It may be a cliff-hanger, but this curved pool from Mayfair Pools is a welcome addition to the landscape

From here to infinity


Sometimes it's the really tricky sites that produce the most innovative landscape designs. Positioning a pool on a hillside, for example, may seem fraught with difficulty, but can result in a spectacular solution.

The pool featured on this page is a case in point. Designed by Tim Feather of Tim Feather Landscape Design and built by Mayfair Pools, it replaces a 20-year-old pool that was long past its use-by-date.

Richard Rowley of Mayfair Pools says the new pool follows the contours of the land, making a sweeping curve around the cliff. A large weir creates an infinity edge, visually helping to merge the pool with the ocean beyond. The dark blue colour of the pool serves to reinforce the sense of connection.

A water feature is also part of the design. Constructed by Mayfair Pools, the waterfall utilises the height differential of the site. It also enhances a solid, blue-painted retaining wall.

As with all Mayfair pools, this pool was built from fibreglass on site using a patented construction method developed in Hawkes Bay during the 1960s. The fibreglass is earthquake-proof, low maintenance and resistant to pool water impurities. The company's pools also come with an unconditional guarantee.


For further information, contact Mayfair Pools, phone 0800 Mayfair (629 324). .

First published date: 24 August 2003

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