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Folded into the land

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This home is in the perfect location for both active and relaxing holidays, with ample accommodation and facilities

This home has no front entry. Instead, there are several ways to enter and exit the house


Architect: Gerald Parsonson of Parsonson Architects

Photography by Paul McCredie

This three-level home provides accommodation and facilites for enjoying relaxing or active holiday time. The house sits at the bottom of a steep, winding gravel driveway on a sloping bush covered site looking out to Pelorus Sound.

The roof form helps ‘fold’ the house into the shape of the land around a small central courtyard area. The house is laid out to provide varied accommodation, for small numbers or large groups and is laid out in a string like manner.


The garage and 2 bedrooms are at the top level leading down to the living space and down further to an activity room and a variety of bedrooms opening out to a lower a lower lawn.

There is no front entry and there are several different ways to move around and through the house, both inside and out. There is a walking and quad-bike track that is an extension of the driveway that passes through the central courtyard and under an internal link-way leading to the lower lawn and jetty.

Dark vertical timber cladding and a soft grey roof help the house rest amongst the bush.

First published date: 19 April 2017

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