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Managing the fit-out and the move

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A move to new premises provides an opportunity to change the way in which business is done, break down hierarchy and improve communication flows by tailoring the workplace to suit. This means a time of great change for staff in more ways than one.

Helping Air New Zealand staff to manage this change and make the transition to the new headquarters was one of many tasks undertaken by specialist project management company, the Carson Group. Lead project manager Brent Thomson says managing the Air New Zealand office fit-out included the organisation of the move – keeping in close communication with staff at different locations to ensure that workplace changes were well communicated.

"We managed the interior fit-out, IT elements, and the migration works – the physical transfer to the new premises. Carson was also the client representative on the design and build lease agreement."

Thomson says Carson Group was able to achieve considerable cost savings and delivered the project ahead of time – an achievement the company puts down to its business philosophy.

"We looked outside the square and challenged assumptions, which enabled us to deliver cost savings and outcomes that better aligned with the airline's philosophies and needs," he says. "A key success factor was the meticulous planning and value adding strategies employed at the beginning of the project."


Thomson says Carson Group remained flexible and adaptable to change during the term of the project, and became a trusted advisor to Air New Zealand.

For more details, contact Carson Group, PO Box 8261, Symonds St, Auckland, phone (09) 379 9463. .

First published date: 12 December 2006

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