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First mate

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If you like to run a tight ship in your kitchen and consider your appliances as first mates, then the upscale Westinghouse oven might be for you

First mate


Organising a busy family life can be a complex undertaking, particularly from the perspective of the kitchen. If you like to minimise time spent in your kitchen, then an appliance offering labour-saving functionality might be an astute addition to the shopping list.

Westinghouse appliances are designed to make a busy lifestyle easier. The com-pany's upscale Boss ovens, for example, offer several ways to keep you in control in the kitchen.

The oven's large 80-litre capacity takes care of dinner for up to 10 guests, while a fast heat-up time means the oven reaches over 200°C in under 10 minutes – time saved that you can spend with your guests. Electronic timers keep cook times accurate and low noise fans and air ducts create an efficient, even cooking temperature – making light of every gourmet challenge, down to the most delicate dessert souffle.

After cooking comes cleaning, and Boss ovens boast rounded enamel interiors, with swift-release grills and self-cleaning catalytic liners standard on some models.

Boss ovens also help control your power bills, boasting an A-Class energy rating based on European standards.


From gourmet dishes to easy cleaning, Boss ovens from Westinghouse contribute to an efficient, ship-shape workspace.

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First published date: 20 July 2006

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