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With good preparation, papering your walls is a quick and easy way to redecorate, and advice from Vision Wallcoverings can help you start

Fine finishes


With most DIY jobs around the home, a bit of know-how and forward planning go a long way towards ensuring the finished result is successful.

Wallpapering offers a number of advantages, particularly when renovating an older home. Like a cosmetic concealer, it hides less than perfect walls. Wallpapering is also quick, as all that's needed is one coat and the walls are covered with texture, colour and pattern. Plus, new technology makes it easy to remove old wallpaper if you want to redecorate.

Sales and marketing manager for Vision Wallcoverings Piers Braddock says the knowledge you need is easily acquired and, when combined with the right tools and pre-planning, it's a quick process to become a competent paper hanger.

"Surface preparation is the most important part of hanging any wallpaper. If you spend time preparing the wall then the job will be much easier and the end result well worth it," says Braddock.

Planning is also invaluable, and when buying wallpaper it's a very good idea to read the manufacturer's instructions and ask the retailer for advice.


To help you, Vision Wallcoverings has put together a free brochure and DVD, which shows ordinary homeowners learning how to hang wallpaper.

For more details or a copy of the free brochure and DVD, call 0800 Wallpaper. Or visit the Vision Wallcoverings .

First published date: 30 October 2010

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