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Family home blends in with desert landscape

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This home, located in the Cerrado Biome, uses ipe wood and earth colours to connect with the environment

The architecture of House 28 is an extension of the arid and lush landscape from the Cerrado Biome


Architect: Equipe Lamas

This home is an extension of the Cerrado Biome landscape, as the family building the house sought tranquility and connection with nature. The home is located 10 minutes from Brasilia.

It’s surrounded by gardens, with large wood and glass windows allowing those inside the home generous views of the grounds.

Walking through the house reveals a number of perspectives. Each room is a different height, and extensive walls define spaces while using openings to connect the different living areas. The large windows are mostly positioned to face east and west, with the walls facing north and south. Such placement means the home receive dramatic natural light.

Bedrooms face east to ensure privacy, and each bedroom has a balcony and a metal trellis for climbing plants. The windows, when opened, serve as seats for people in the bedroom.


Colours from the surrounding landscape continue throughout the inside of the home, with the tiles and walls given the same reddish earth colour of the Cerrado Biome landscape. The window frames are constructed out of ipe wood and the metal roof is made out of corten steel.

The house uses concrete pillars for support and a metallic structure to collect rainwater. This water is stored in an underground reservoir to irrigate the garden during dry periods. Solar panels heat the water and the pool throughout the year and tilting windows allow cross ventilation and natural light in every room.

First published date: 19 April 2017

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