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Family heritage

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A gabled roofline, shingle awnings and a tall arched window lend an English character to this Landmark Homes show home

Family heritage


Keeping the interior warm and cosy without compromising the aesthetics of the show home was a key consideration.

The new Escea DL850 high-output gas fireplace – a more efficient version of the IB series – was specified for the living area. This is a minimalist styled fireplace with a wide-view flame area and high heat output of more than 9kW, so it can quickly heat a large area.

Modern homes are very air tight, which can cause problems for fires needing air for the combustion process. The Escea fireplace brings in air directly from outside to ensure the fire always performs at its best, with no loss of comfort.

A thermostat monitors the heat in the room and adjusts the fire to provide a constant temperature. The fire comes with a remote control, but can also be operated using a smartphone app, or remotely via the home internet connection.

All Escea fireplaces are designed and made in New Zealand – the company takes pride in finishing its fireplaces to the high standard for which they have become renowned.


Escea fireplaces are available from retailers throughout the country. For your nearest retailer,

First published date: 19 June 2013

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