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Fail safe waterproofing for all commercial applications

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From cold-applied, high-performance SafeStick roofing to the best Mastic Asphalt around, Neuchatel is the go-to source for advanced construction waterproofing

Fail safe waterproofing for all commercial applications


Fire can be damaging but leaking water is just as bad, creating expensive damage and costly repair work. There's only one approach, a complete lockdown on any water transference – ever.

In terms of commercial waterproofing, Neuchatel offers comprehensive solutions – covering everything from pedestrian walkways to complete roof membrane systems. Registered in 1905, Neuchatel is one of the oldest, most respected waterproofing names in New Zealand. Director Brian Mohan says the long-running company prides itself on its reliable quality and range of materials.

"With my 40 years in the waterproofing industry, I believe I've sourced the best materials available, many not offered elsewhere in the New Zealand market."

"A case in point is SafeStick Prevent. This SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified self-adhesive system combines revolutionary graphite technology with the very latest tackifier chemistry for unrivalled waterproofing, safety, and fire protection."

SafeStick is unique in that it's applied cold and in factory state – many products require gas torching which can undermine the integrity of the product. Plus, SafeStick is faster to apply than competing systems and so presents a much cheaper option.


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First published date: 07 November 2016

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