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An integrated Sivoia system controls the amount of natural light in a room – while the HomeWorks dimming system takes care of electric light

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Whether you are just waking up, taking a mid-afternoon nap, reading or watching TV, there is an optimum light level for any activity or time of day. Intelligent lighting integrated with an automated shading system can help get it right every time.

Lutron's HomeWorks is a total control lighting system that can be programmed to suit individual lifestyles. Charles Speedy of AVD, New Zealand's Lutron distributor, says the system can be programmed with lighting moods to suit different situations.

"A night lighting scheme can be recalled to illuminate pathways through a house. An arrival scheme can be selected to switch on as you arrive home from work, to illuminate the front door for safety."

These schemes are even more efficient when paired with the Sivoia system, which utilises an astronomical clock, in which latitude and longitude can be entered to ensure blinds rise and retract at optimum times, in sync with the electric lighting.

AVD holds a membership with the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of Australia and New Zealand. The aim of the IES is to advance the art and science of illumination, and to provide information to interested parties. Members include engineers, architects, educators, students, contractors, manufacturers and designers. Benefits of membership include being able to attend seminars, contribute to research, enter competitions, and being kept up to date with developments in the field.


For more details, contact AVD, phone (09) 476 8330. .

For details on IES Incorporated, visit the .

First published date: 02 May 2008

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