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Exotic Miami condo by J Design Group

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Exotic Miami condo by J Design Group features marble floor tiles, designer furnishings, mother-of-pearl tile wall

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An adroit remodel can transform a space in ways that go beyond the aesthetic. Even a unit that seems somewhat cramped can gain a new lease of life as a welcoming family residence.

The owners of this seaside condominium had already lived in it for two years before asking interior designer Jennifer Corredor, of J Design Group, to redress the interior. With magnificent views, the 12th-level, 93m2 unit had at the same time suffered from a fussy decor that underplayed the outlook and gave it a rather close atmosphere, says Corredor.

"For the remodel, I wanted to achieve a look that reflected the spirit of the young owners but that would also be in keeping with a family home – the couple has five children. For me, this meant striking a delicate balance between the contemporary and traditional right through the interiors. Modern accents cater to their youthful tastes, while the more classical elements evoke the feeling of warmth and solidity appropriate to a family residence."

The first thing the designer did was strip the existing interiors right back. Large marble floor tiles were laid throughout, including on the exterior verandas and in the four bedrooms.

"As soon as you step into the foyer from the lift, this run of marble leads the eye through the formal living space and out to the sea views," says Corredor.


"I designed the entry in clean-lined green glass panels and laminated cherry wood, custom cut in a jigsaw-like pattern. The interlocking wood panels cover all four sides of a circulation hub, the nucleus of the home."

In the formal living area, a mother-of-pearl accent wall provides the leading contemporary feature. Most of the furniture pieces, fabrics and finishes were custom specified by Corredor.

"The exotic wall finish offers an understated elegance. It was important to complement the deep blue outlook without detracting from it."

This feature is balanced by traditional pieces, such as a curvaceous wood console and linear sideboard with inlaid leather doors – the latter providing touches of the old and new. Lace-like drapery and a silk rug are more classic touches.

Crown mouldings on the tray ceiling had given it an oppressive feel. These were stripped out and energy-efficient LED lighting installed for a cleaner, lighter appeal. Sophisticated touch-screen, energy-efficient lighting systems are now installed throughout the condominium.

"In the family room, the original decor had made the space feel hemmed in," says Corredor. "Now this room has a more airy, open appeal, with pale tones and textured walls. This room has a stronger emphasis on the contemporary, but the wood panel wall brings warmth, as do the vibrant area rugs."

Modern paintings were commissioned to create an exotic accent and tone in with the surrounding hues. The curved, L-shaped sofa softens the feel and smaller armchairs enhance the sense of space.

Adjacent to the living area, the dining room continues the overall theme. A clean-lined glass table, seating ten, is set with upholstered dining chairs. Corredor says one way to achieve an easy balance between old and new is to ensure some elements are hard to read at a glance.

"The legs of the table, for instance, all but disappear, giving it a floating, understated feel. And only when you look closely can you see the distressed, old-world finish on the mirror."

As with most of Jennifer Corredor's work, the family kitchen is predominantly modern. Here, the glass backsplash echoes the glass in the foyer, its green tone evoking the sea. Wood also features, in the ebony veneer finish on the island.

In the other direction from the entry foyer are the children's bedrooms and master suite.

"The four children's bedrooms also include textured walls and I chose hanging pendants for reading lamps. This increases the sense of space and avoids the possibility of table lamps being knocked to the floor," says Corredor.

Custom doors are a unifying feature seen throughout the home. Designed by Corredor, they are a microcosm of the abiding theme. The doors have a cherry wood frame, with the grain running horizontally, surrounding an etched glass panel. The pattern of oblique lines is reminiscent of blades of grass, and offers glimpses into the spaces beyond.

The master bedroom also features a textured accent wall, here in a wave pattern, but the tone in this parental retreat is on the traditional. Wood bed ends frame padded upholstery and drapes are in a classical style.

"In the master bathroom, a largely unused spa bath was replaced by a freestanding tub for a lighter, roomier feel. Large-format white glass tiles add to this aesthetic, while onyx inserts with a swirling pattern appear almost like a matching painting and area rug," Corredor says. "As a designer, I like to create surprising, distinctive elements – the stepped vanity unit with its different-sized basins is another point of interest in this bathroom.

"Overall, the project celebrates the crisp and exotic, as befits an entertainer's residence in a prime location, but it has a nurturing heart."

First published date: 18 December 2012

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Credit List

Interior designer Jennifer Corredor, J Design Group (Coral Gables,
Florida)Doors Custom by J Design Group, produced and installed by Miami Wall Unit Group; glass work by Abel Glass
Flooring Marble from Universal Stone, installed by Martile Marble and Stone
Wall finishes Custom wood panelling by J Design Group; textured feature wall finishes by Maya Romanoff; master bedroom wall panels by Modular Arts
Lighting design Custom control system integrated with Energy Saving Eco Smart Lighting System by Billy's Electrical and Media Sound Design
Art Martha Dominguez
Window treatments Coraggio fabrics, produced and installed by ADM Interiors
Living room Barbara Barry sofas and lamp console, chair fabric from Boca Bargoons; Bill Sofield console; console with leather detail, coffee table, chandelier by Thomas Pheasant; Laura Kirar lamp; most pieces from Baker Knapp & Tubbs
Family room B&B Italia sofa, coffee table and side table, from Luminaire
Dining room Thomas Pheasant chairs, fabric from Boca Bargoons; dining table and Vanini vase from Luminaire; Barbara Barry sideboard and lamp; Pagani Collection chandelier
Kitchen Cabinets by J Design Group, made in Italy and installed by Group Europrojects; countertop Jade Bluff by Coverings; backsplash by Golden Glass; Miele appliances from Marcelin Appliances; breakfast table by McGuire
Master bedroom Bed, side tables, desk, etegier, dresser by Barbara Barry; armchair, ottoman from Jacques Garcia Collection
Master bathroom Tub from Decorator's Plumbing; tub filler from Sophisticated Hardware; custom vanity by J Design Group, made by Miami Wall Unit Group; Boffi basins from Luminaire; faucets Massaud Axor from Sophisticated Hardware