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Before and after shots of this home highlight its transformation from Spanish hacienda to contemporary bungalow

Every picture tells a story


Making a significant change to your home doesn't have to be an expensive exercise. It can simply be a matter of choosing the right materials to replace outdated features.

This house was originally designed with a Spanish hacienda theme – popular back in the ‘60s at the time it was built. Spanish arches and Spanish-looking roof tiles helped convey this look, which gradually became dated over the years.

Transforming the house into a contemporary bungalow wasn't a major undertaking, however. With just a few minor design changes, removal of the arches, and the addition of Stutex Stone manufactured schist on columns and feature areas, the house has been completely remodelled without a huge monetary outlay.

Cerastone LS77, which blends the colourways of Central Otago schist, was specified for the project. The owners say they were inspired by their travels in the Otago region. The colours also blend well with other materials.

Stutex Stone has a network of distributors throughout New Zealand. For further details, contact Stutex Stone, freephone 0800 788 839, or phone (09) 832 8300. Email:, or visit the .


First published date: 18 January 2006

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