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European influence

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The concept of pedestrians and motorists sharing space is behind the design of the plaza in the centre of the mixed-use development at 8 Nugent

European influence


Shared space for pedestrians and motorists, considered to be at the forefront of international urban design best practice, is successful in a number of countries around the world. It is also being taken up in many parts of the CBD by the Auckland City Council.

Commercial development company Neil Properties has taken this approach with the design of its latest project in Grafton, Auckland, close to the CBD and transport links. 8 Nugent is a mixed-use space comprising a refurbished six-storey building and two new buildings. Once fully occupied, 8 Nugent will become a hub of activity with around 1200 people working and living on the site. To create an active frontage, there will be retail, showroom and café space at plaza level, with offices and apartments above.

8 Nugent has been designed around the concept of a shared space or plaza, so there are no formal road markings or conventional traffic signals and barriers. This encourages motorists to slow down and engage with their surroundings, creating a more usable communal area. While pedestrians have the legal right of way, they must have consideration for vehicles.

Senior development manager of Neil Properties Keith Maddison says research had identified a lack of top-quality, modern office space in the city fringe.

"The market demands large floor plates and higher ceilings, and office space here meets these criteria. It is also designed to meet an A-grade standing and Building B has just received its 4-Star Green Star rating," he says.


For more information, contact Neil Properties, PO Box 8751, Symonds Street, Auckland, phone (09) 918 6565. Email: .

First published date: 25 November 2009

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