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Established business park offers great transport links, communication and infrastructure

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Near the inner city, close to the airport, and offering every modern commercial and staff advantage, Highbrook Business Park is all about making your business thrive

Established business park offers great transport links, communication and infrastructure


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Tried getting a quick park in the CBD lately, or to meet that client from a flight without losing half a day? Or, more fundamentally, have you found purpose-specific premises that suit but that won't break the bank? Maybe you need premises that address your business in a much better way.

Highbrook Business Park is specifically set up to help companies develop in the best possible way for their future growth and prosperity. The world-class business hub is developed by leading property specialist Goodman Property Trust.

Around 75% through its planned development, Highbrook Business Park is already home to over 80 global and local companies, including major names like Panasonic, Ford, LG and DHL.

The park's 107 meticulously planned hectares have attracted a host of industry awards. These include the American Society of Landscape Architects Design – Analysis and Planning Award, and Property Council New Zealand's Supreme Award.

The secret to Highbrook's rapid rise from stud farmland just 12 years ago to the thriving hub it is today is in Goodman's holistic approach to the needs of all companies, big or small. This means the park is set up with efficient, modern buildings for successful growing businesses. Plus, it's ideally positioned for transportation, having a direct link to State Highway One and being close to the airport and to the Auckland CBD.

The park emphasises staff wellness, too, with the 40ha green belt around the park including a 12k cycling, walking and running track.

Central to the estate is Highbrook Crossing, the focal point for a growing community of over 5,000 people. This social heart of the business park includes a conference centre and suites, banks, gym facilities, child care, modern cafes, restaurants and bars, as well as serviced apartments.

Goodman New Zealand's chief executive officer John Dakin says a key priority for the near future is to complete Highbrook's development programme.

"Five new projects are timed to take advantage of customer demand and strong market conditions."

Two of these are a 1730m2 multi-unit showroom and warehouse facility on Highbrook Drive, and a 2929m2 warehouse located on Pukekiwiriki Place.

"The final stages of Highbrook are unfolding and take-up at every stage so far has been rapid."

Whether, growing or consolidating or simply looking for a better way to conduct business, follow the link below to see a video on the final stages of Highbrook and the opportunities to lease space.

To contact Goodman New Zealand, phone (09) 375 6060, email:


First published date: 21 June 2017

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