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Materials in this kitchen were selected as much for their appearance and effect as for their practicality


The materials used in a kitchen are often dictated by the purpose of the space. Hardwearing, practical surfaces make life easier in family kitchens, while when the kitchen is within an entertainment area, more emphasis may be placed on the overall appearance.

The kitchen featured here was one part of a larger renovation of the house. Designed by Lindon Harris, it is situated at one end of a spacious living and dining area that was added on.

"The owners enjoy entertaining and wanted a kitchen with clean, contemporary lines that would be a central part of the living space," Harris says.

The owner says she likes the look of white surfaces and clean, sharp lines.

"I wanted the focus to be on texture rather than color to create a seamless, uncluttered look," she says.


Back-painted glass provides a sleek, modern effect on the countertops and back-splashes, and cabinetry and the end panels of the island have a white lacquered finish. Glass surfaces and cabinetry are finished with wide bands of stainless steel. A stainless frame wraps around the pantry unit, which is faced with four bifold doors, each edged with aluminum. It houses the refrigerator, wine rack and a back-painted glass cupboard.

The stainless detailing is also repeated in the legs of the island and in the appliances. Long, bar-shaped handles are made from aluminum.

For easy access, all storage in the kitchen is in drawers rather than cupboards.

First published date: 01 April 2005

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Credit List

Kitchen designer Lindon Harris, Johannes Erren Cabinetmakers
Kitchen manufacturer Johannes Erren Cabinetmakers
Cabinet interiors Silver Haze melamine
Cabinet finish White two-pot satin lacquer, stainless steel and aluminum
Flooring Matai wood
Faucets KWC
Oven, hob, dishwasher Smeg
Refrigerator Westinghouse
Waste unit Whiteway