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Family meals, after-school snacks, entertaining nibbles – being organised in the kitchen is essential and Westinghouse is always there to lend a hand

Efficient help


Yes, modern lifestyles are busy and, yes, being organised and prepared makes all the difference. But as everything seems to get faster and faster, modern technology is available to make things easier.

Westinghouse appliances offer assured performance that helps you plan and organise for a more comfortable and relaxed home environment.

The Westinghouse refrigerators have been specifically designed to make time spent in the kitchen more efficient.

Behind their sleek, contemporary appearance, Westinghouse refrigerators provide optimum capacity storage. More importantly, the contents are easily accessed, either by a hard-pressed mum, or hungry teenager.

The fully adjustable interiors feature a repositional deli compartment, dual crisper bins on rollers, and a store safe utility drawer with child lock, for securing items.


For entertaining, a bottle rack puts chilled refreshments at your fingertips and a bottle chill function allows you to table your guest's wine alongside your own.

Westinghouse refrigerators also offer touch controls for a quick freeze function, a power-saving holiday mode and a time display. These are easily accessed via a modern-look external electronic display.

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First published date: 05 July 2005

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