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Easy on the environment

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Environmentally sustainable buildings don't have to cost the earth, as this project by Chow:Hill shows

Easy on the environment


Helping businesses find ways of increasing their resource efficiency is one of Landcare Research's specialities. It is this commitment to the principles of sustainable development that has seen the organisation build an environmentally friendly facility in Auckland.

Operations manager Dr Maggie Lawton says the building was an opportunity for Landcare Research to put its beliefs into practice.

"It has a very low level of energy and water use compared to other buildings with similar functions and it delivers those cost-saving features for the same capital cost of an equivalent conventional building. We hope it will encourage other organisations to follow and share in caring for the environment."

Through energy efficient design and sensible operating of the building, power savings for the organisation are expected to be about $70,000 a year. Water use is projected to be about half of normal consumption.

The environmental sustainability of the building will be subject to ongoing research.


For more details, contact Landcare Research, Private Bag 92 170, Auckland, phone (09) 574 4100.

First published date: 23 August 2004

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