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DuctSox Fabric Air Dispersion Systems from Smooth-air

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DuctSox Fabric Air Dispersion Systems fit all open ceiling environments – the latest ventilation solution from Smooth-Air

DuctSox Fabric Air Dispersion Systems from Smooth-air


Today's advanced commercial ventilation systems need to fit with the buildings they service like a glove – energy savings, responsiveness and comfort are all measurable factors.

Smooth-Air is a leading manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of high-tech ducting, ventilation and air-conditioning plant, says national sales and marketing manager Vince Atkinson.

"We are constantly on the lookout for product innovations that will benefit our clients, whether it be in terms of efficiency, cost, or both.

"DuctSox Fabric Air Dispersion Systems are the latest addition to our extensive range. With the DuctSox, air is discharged along the whole length of the duct, providing consistent and uniform air dispersion in the occupied space."

The DuctSox product is lightweight, easy to install and can be project-engineered to suit the requirements of the building and occupants. The fabric damper system allows consistent static regain along the duct as well as at tricky T junctions and bends.


"A static regain system offers the advantage of a potential reduction in air balancing requirements," says Atkinson. "The result is a quiet, smooth air delivery, in a range that suits all open ceilings."

The system is easy to maintain, with all lengths guaranteed to fit into a commercial washing machine. As well as offering a 10-year warranty, DuctSox also guarantees performance.

Smooth-Air represents many international brands such as Air-Change, Vents and Polyaire.

For more information, contact Smooth-Air Products, phone 0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684).

First published date: 20 August 2014

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