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Driving force

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A project the size of the Britomart Transport Centre needs to be carefully planned and managed by an experienced team of consultants

Driving force


Britomart's close proximity to the sea and the site's high water table dictated a need for continuous water discharge from the outset of the building programme. Water Systems Treatment Specialists was commissioned to provide a suitable plant and discharge system that would meet stringent local body requirements for waste water.

General manager Clive Mulgrew says a mobile flocculation plant was used to treat the water before it was discharged into the stormwater system.

"By working out the flow rates, the capacity and the chemical dosing regime, we were able to programme the plant to separate sludge from the water," he says.

The company also supplied control and data logging equipment to enable records to be kept.

Water Systems specialises in water and waste-water treatment and the filtration of process fluids. The company supplies a range of engineered systems and equipment to municipal, industrial and rural clients.


For further information, contact Water Systems Treatment Specialists, PO Box 21-755, Henderson, Auckland, phone (09) 836 7933, fax (09) 836 8733. .

First published date: 03 September 2003

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