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Dressed to impress – Random Multi-rib (RMR) cladding from Metal Design Solutions

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An architectural metal facade by Metal Design Solutions gives this building a new lease on life

Dressed to impress – Random Multi-rib (RMR) cladding from Metal Design Solutions


What's in a face? In architectural terms, a fresh facade can bring total transformation to a building in terms of both aesthetics and visual prominence, as this eye-catching reclad of the Kemsol offices by Metal Design Solutions attests.

Metal Design Solutions (MDS) provides architectural sheetmetal product across the commercial sector, says director Jan Alberts.

"At Kemsol, we were responsible for providing the new Random Multi-rib (RMR) cladding to an existing building that had been completed using finishes common in the '90s. The owners were wanting to inject new life into the tired exterior by adopting the same profile as an earlier MDS project.

"The results went beyond expectations – the customised RMR cladding helped change the building's entire presence. The colour choice juxtaposed with the bold window projections has created a skin that, although it seems random, complements everything around it. The light play across the variegated projections adds visual interest not seen on traditional facades.

"Further to the eye-catching product differences is the high standard of finishing we bring to all our work," says Alberts.


Metal Design Solutions Ltd has pioneered advances in the architectural sheet metal trade, installing zinc, copper, stainless steel and aluminium roofing and cladding in a variety of applications. The company's work is now seen on structures across New Zealand.


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First published date: 19 December 2013

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